30 Christmas Rock Painting Ideas – Last minute DIY crafts for Christmas decor, gifts and stocking fillers

Hello, crafters! Here are 30 adorable Christmas rock painting ideas perfect for decorating your home during this festive season. These projects are fantastic activities to enjoy with kids of all ages, making for a delightful Christmas DIY experience. When exploring cute Christmas rock painting concepts, the options are vast. From painting Santas, reindeers, and snowmen […]

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In the absence of vacations in 2020, bakers come up with “Island Cake”—The New Cake Trend

Let’s steer the focus of this year onto something much more alluring than mainstream news, cake trends of 2020, with the most recent craze being island jelly cake — cakes that depict intricate ocean scenes! Prepare to be mesmerized by these baker’s insane talent for creative island jelly cakes that have become popular among professional […]

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Health Informative Life Hacks

6 Foods You Buy Once And Regrow A Few Times – How to regrow vegetables

A sustainable food system is a collaborative network that integrates several components in order to enhance a community’s environmental, economic and social well-being.  – Community Research Connections When one is born and raised in a developed nation, such as the United States or Canada, food is provided and consumed with minimal effort. The negative consequence […]

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