In the absence of vacations in 2020, bakers come up with “Island Cake”—The New Cake Trend

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Let’s steer the focus of this year onto something much more alluring than mainstream news, cake trends of 2020, with the most recent craze being island jelly cake — cakes that depict intricate ocean scenes!

Prepare to be mesmerized by these baker’s insane talent for creative island jelly cakes that have become popular among professional and amateur bakers alike.

If this year has put on hold travelling plans and retreats to exotic places, it has but inspired some to look for other avenues to satiate their seafaring and escape the struggles we’re all currently facing.

Be transported to your own personal paradise through these gorgeous edible getaway island cakes that are just too pretty to eat.

If you’d to get your hands into baking one of these marvels, check out the selection of decoration packs that feature palm trees, star fish and other sea creatures, tropical flowers and many more. There’s also an explicit list of materials, at the end of the post, that you might need to make one of these cakes yourself.


We just love the starfish and shell details on this pristine looking cake by


We’re in love with the vegetation and intricate textures on this one by mamma_s__kitchen.


Simply stunning tropical island creation by radiojeka.


Black pearl, somewhere in the Caribbean by sweet_land_cake


Curious to see what a slice of these jelly cakes look like? This magical creation is by svetlana.sweetmagic_osnk.


Amazing textures and details by paladarte.


The perfect ocean blue that we all love! by salweadore


We love this one for its simplicity yet stunning. By miah_ri.


Beautiful piece by ririindriyani20071985.


We can’t really pick a favorite! Another gorgeous one by tastycakes_ah.

Island Cake or Island Jelly Cake with palm tree decorations


This is certainly different and simply amazing! by


A closer look into the water reveals a large fish! by evelineplugovoy.


Astounding talent and creativity by radiojeka.


A touch of sophistication with sea foam! by morkovka.ksu


A real work of art! by foodtripbakamo_


“Won’t be travelling this year. So I made this & pretending that I’m on vacation,” says magotjo.


All the decoration is made of chocolate in this one by


One of the cutest that we’ve seen! by ciotka_beza.


Breathtaking details with all parts of the cake being edible! by falia_pastry.


This one by merenga_zp is pretty slick and sophisticated!


Another one by radiojeka!


The wave motions look so realistic! by zefirka.annie


This winter version of the island cake by kream_decor really captures the glacial water.


Another amazing cake art by


Amazing color combination by paola.sbakery.


Wonderful textures and gorgeous colors by tortylka_sweet_craft.


From sea to summit. Pandan layers with mango cream filling and jelly by rstar.custom.cakes.


Amazing depiction of Up up and away… by natsukashii_bakes


Who needs a cherry on the cake when we can have a cool lighthouse instead. Amazing creation by sova_tortodel.


Just wonderful! by sz_homebaked.

Are you curious how these cakes are made? Check out this video tutorial by Kalpana from the YouTube channel Kitchen Journal By Kalpana.

Looking for decoration ideas to make your own island cake? Check out these decoration packs that feature palm trees, star fish and other sea creatures, tropical flowers and many more.

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