Sunday, December 04, 2022
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Night Sky Petunia: A Mesmerizing Flower That Seems To Hold A Constellation Of Stars In Its Petals

How many things can you think of that remind you of the galaxy when watching them? You can add flowers to the list now, as after seeing the Night Sky Petunia, you will see why. After all, it didn’t randomly obtain its common name! Known by its scientific name Petunia cultivars, this magnificent flower is […]

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Artist Transforms PET Plastic Bottles Into Animal And Nature Inspired Artworks

With the countless number of plastic containers and materials dumped everyday in landfills around the world or that end up floating in our oceans, the plastic pollution has already become a critical situation. Environmentally-conscious artist Veronika Richterová wanted to make a contribution towards upcycling plastic bottles in her own way. And this, she certainly did, […]

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37 Most Unusual Rock Formations From Around The World

Nature has so much to offer from stunning landscapes and majestic waterfalls, to lush and dense forests, incredible mountains, and wonderful beaches. We are indeed blessed with so much fascinating beauty, but one more naturally occurring phenomenon that leaves us in amazement are the remarkable and unusual rock formations around the world. From giant mushroom […]

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Talented Wildlife Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Animal Paintings That Look Just Like Beautiful Photos

Sarah Still, a Canadian Wildlife Artist, has been creating outstanding animal paintings that are so realistic that they look like photography. Residing on Canada’s west coast, the artist draws her inspiration from British Columbia’s wilderness and creates paintings in the hope of arousing emotional connections to nature through art. Formerly a makeup artist working in […]

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34 Stunning Albino And Leucistic Animals That Exist In The World

Albino and leucistic animals, although they are rare in the wild, have nonetheless been sighted in our oceans swimming among their herd or on land in the vast savannas and forests. These creatures inhabit various ecosystems, while some of them have been born in zoos and sanctuaries. In some cultures, when an albino (or leucistic) […]

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The Bat-eared Fox, A Stunning Fox From The African Savanna With Extraordinary Ears

The Bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis), a species of fox native to the African savanna, is known for its quite uncommon appearance. This mammal is easily recognized by its unusually enormous ears in proportion to its head, and its raccoon-like facial features. These exceptionally large ears are what earned this species its colloquial name Bat-eared fox. […]

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