Thursday, January 21, 2021
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The best of the 2020 wildlife photography awards

Winning images from the year’s national and international competitions Mammal Photographer of the Year and Mammal Society members’ prize winner 2020 GDT nature photographer of the year: overall winner and mammals category winner 2020 Sony world photography awards nature and wildlife category first prize Nature photographer of the year 2020 man and nature category winner 2020 British Ecological […]

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In the absence of vacations in 2020, bakers come up with “Island Cake”—The New Cake Trend

Let’s steer the focus of this year onto something much more alluring than mainstream news, cake trends of 2020, with the most recent craze being island jelly cake — cakes that depict intricate ocean scenes! Prepare to be mesmerized by these baker’s insane talent for creative island jelly cakes that have become popular among professional […]

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