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Badass Humpback Whale known as Blade Runner

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Blade Runner is a humpback whale which was cut by a boat propeller in Sydney nearly 20 years ago. You can easily spot the deep 30-centimetre distinctive battle scars along her left side and right tail.

©Rosalind Butt

She was last spotted during the whale migrations up and down the east coast of Australia and the scars seem to have been healed completely. Whoever get to see her will have to agree that it’s a truly incredible sight; the stripey pattern from the scars are a true testament of how amazing and tough this sea giant is. The scars look like zebra stripes.

Perhaps the most amazing fact about this extraordinary Humpback is she’s a mum! She was spotted in 2013 with a calf.

©Corrine Le Gall
©Corrine Le Gall

Marine scientist Vanessa Pirotta said collisions between whales and vessels weren’t uncommon.

“Some whales do recover and heal up, and [Bladerunner is] a great example of that,” Dr Pirotta said.

“Interactions between vessels and whales can cause death.”

©Corrine Le Gall

Dr Pirotta said whales like Bladerunner served as a reminder to respect rules and regulations when it comes to whale watching.

“She is only one in a big population, but she can serve as a flagship animal to remind humans that we all have to do our bit to protect these animals,” she said.

“When we have a re-sighting of a known individual, it’s such a nice thing. It lets you that they’re doing well.”

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