What is Illuzone

The Illuzone.net website started as a small Facebook group in 2012. The group was initially made up by a few friends, who shared the same interests in inspiring, motivating and educational content from around the web.  Due to its popularity, the group started growing quickly and we, the original creators, decided to set up this website and a Facebook page to continue sharing content that we have curated from around the web.


Illuzone focuses mainly on content that are inspiring, motivating, life-changing, informative and educational. There are so many amazing things happening all around the world that make us feel happy, more alive and grateful as a human being; this is what we want to focus on.  Likewise, there are many issues happening that can’t be ignored; we want to help in spreading the word, as awareness is key in triggering massive change. Educational content is also very important for illuzone and we love sharing tips, documentaries, new ideas, tutorials, short stories, art-related posts and so forth.


If what we are focusing on seems to resonate strongly with you, we would encourage you to join us as a contributor and help in spreading your message and at the same time getting more exposure. Click here to read more on how you can contribute.

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