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If you would like us to feature your article/content, please feel free to submit your writing piece. While we welcome a diverse range of topics, our preference is for inspirational, motivational, life-changing, wellness, informative, educational and art content. If your content falls within these categories (or close to it) and it’s quite interesting, we would love to publish it. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure about the eligibility of your topic. You will get a good deal of exposure as we have collaborations with quite a few Facebook pages with over 40K to one million members, Twitter accounts and other social media.

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Submission criteria:

You can submit :

  1. An article of your own
  2. A nice image quote
  3. Tutorials & How-to (articles or videos)
  4. Documentaries
  5. Short Stories
  6. Educational content / news (articles or videos)
  7. Infographics / Visuals / Posters
  8. Or any other interesting content that you have come across on the internet and deem share-worthy


Submit your content to in the following format:

  1. For all text based content: Formatted standard Microsoft Word attachments
  2. Images: In standard JPEG format (must be higher than 400px in width).
  3. Videos: Paste the link to the video in the email body text

When emailing us please include the title of the post and any links which are relevant to the post, for example your website, references, sources and so on.
Also provide us with a brief bio with your name and links to your online profiles (Webpage, Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Google+). Articles are not a substitute for advertising. Your bio may, however, contain info re: programs, products, web site etc.

Acceptance, Rights & Payment

However, in the event that we are receiving too many requests for publication, we may not be able to respond to or publish your work immediately. Based on the nature of your content (in case it can have a negative impact on illuzone’s image), we may refuse to publish it. But, if you have questions on the nature of your article and how to tailor it accordingly for publication, please feel free to email us.

We hope to feature your material and in return you will have a good link/clip for your journalist’s portfolio, your blog and something to email all your friends and family about.

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