Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Spiders Wearing Water Droplets as Hats… Yup, You Read That Correctly!

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At Our Earth, we see some pretty incredible things, but when I saw these images, I had to investigate more.

It turns out these jumping spiders were photographed in Indonesia in someones back yard.

Photographer Uda Dennie managed to snap the pictures of the arachnids surrounded by water droplets in his garden.

For the balls of water to mirror an array of amazing colours and even other insects, Dennie set up suitable photographs to achieve the reflections.

All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes with particularly large anterior median eyes and possess incredible agility.

The jumping spiders look completely at ease as they get accustomed to their stylish new water wear.

Uda Dennie collection of macro photos were taken within Dennie’s garden area after some rainy weather. 

The results came as a surprise even for the photographer himself: “I was really surprised to get such beautiful photos – it was really wonderful. I have seen anything like this before, and it is such an interesting photograph,” says Uda.

Speaking about the photos to the Daily Mail, Dennie said: “I have a real passion for macro photography and after lots of trial and error I’m now able to produce good images – perseverance really paid off.

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