Pisco, The Cat With Huge Dark Eyes Looks Like A Real-Life Puss In Boots

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It’s been 18 years since the character Puss in Boots made his first appearance in the film Shrek 2 (2004), where he had become Shrek’s partner and helper. This charming kitty captivated the hearts of many with his sophisticated personality and his affinity for sword fights. But his finest assets – and no, that is not his sword skills – are those big, round hypnotic eyes! You have to admit, when this gentleman of a cat looks up at you with those big doe eyes, it becomes very hard to resist and not melt in a puddle. Cuteness overload!

If you were fascinated by this fictional character so much that you wished you could meet one in real life, well, your wish may as well be granted. Because we came across a real kitty who is the spitting image of the animated Puss in Boots.
Meet Pisco, a Golden British Shorthair cat that lives in NYC.

All photos credit to: @pisco_cat | IG

Pisco’s owners got him when he was 4 months old. At the beginning, his humans did not draw similarities to the famous animated character. Pisco is a ginger cat, not quite the exact shade of Puss in Boots – he’s more golden than orange and also, noticeably fluffier. Besides, young kittens tend to have those adorable wide eyes.

However, it was after a while that it suddenly occurred to his family that Pisco had an uncanny resemblance to the charming Puss in boots character. And yea, those giant endearing orbs for eyes cannot be mistaken! Pisco has much more round eyes than many cats, and when these eyes dilate almost entirely to the edges of the iris, he is a total look-alike.

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Grandma, is that you??

As well, his chubby cheeks bring out even more the overall roundness of his eyes. Staring into Pisco’s eyes is like gazing in a pool of black ink, but in a much, much cutter sense, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Once you see the resemblance, it is impossible to unsee it! It is indeed those huge, enchanting eyes that have drawn such a large crowd online and gathered many followers on his social media. Pisco currently has over 600 K followers on his Instagram account.

What can we say, he is simply irresistible with those magnetic eyes!

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Find Pisco on his social media: Facebook | Instagram

Warning: To be appreciated with moderation, otherwise you may lose yourself totally in the dark endearing depths of his eyes!


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