Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Photographers being interrupted by wildlife!

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What ya doing? Photographers being interrupted by wildlife! – ©Chris Du Plessis

Here is an amazing collection of photographers being interrupted by wildlife.

©Frank Augustein

It’s not supposed to work this way!

©Caters news agency

Some of these have appeared on the Our Earth Facebook page


A perfect example of the image hunter becoming the hunted!

©Tommy Angelsen

Some seem genuinely curious!

©Paul Souders

Always after the shot!


Keeping him warm!

Nothing to see here! ©artwolfe.com

Others are clearly not thrilled to be photographed.

Maybe time to pack up and go! ©unknown

Fox’s especially seem hard to fool and very curious!

©Dan Dinu
Hey, I am behind you! ©unknown

How could you not laugh!

Have to laugh! ©unknown

What a great job!

Helping out! ©unknown
©Simon Roy
Can I come home with you? ©unknown
The ever favorite Meerkats ©Lucas Burrard

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