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In Pictures – Nature reclaims public spaces during the lockdown

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Nature is incredibly swift at reclaiming the planet when humans are not around. Here are some powerful images of nature reclaiming public spaces during the lockdown around the planet.

A pigeon is seen as grass grows on Rome’s popular Piazza Navona square after a huge drop in the number of visitors in Rome, Italy, April 9, 2020.
REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane

All around the planet, animals are turning up in urban and city areas.

Herds of mountain goats that normally live outside Llandudno, Wales, have taken over while the town’s human residents are staying indoors.
Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images
A red fox walks in an empty park in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, April 19, 2020. REUTERS/ Amir Cohen

Pollution has dropped dramatically too.

The top picture shows the India Gate war memorial on October 17, 2019, months before the nationwide lockdown. The bottom picture shows the memorial after air pollution levels began to drop during the lockdown in New Delhi on April 8.
Image Reuters
Air pollution drops in Spain
ESA | Handout via Reuters
A goat grazes in Llandudno, Wales, Britain, March 31, 2020. The animals, who normally roam free on a nearby headland jutting out into the Irish Sea, have instead wandered into Llandudno where they have spent days feasting on garden hedges and flowers. REUTERS/Carl Recine

Clear skies in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is seen clearly from the Parisian suburb of Saint-Cloud on April 22.
Michel Euler | AP
In Philippines’ capital city Manila, fine particulate matter — the world’s deadliest air pollutant — dropped by 180% since quarantine measures were imposed in Metro Manila on March 16, according to the Environmental Pollution Studies Laboratory of The Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology.
Herman Lumanog | Pacific Press | LightRocket via Getty Images

Animals of all kinds are turning up in never before seen places.

A turtle makes its way across the empty campus of San Diego State University in San Diego, California, May 13, 2020.
REUTERS/Mike Blake
A young fox stands on a residential road in Manchester Britain, May 13.
REUTERS/Phil Noble
A coyote stands by the roadside as the spread of coronavirus continues, at Golden Gate Bridge View Vista Point across from San Francisco, California, April 7, 2020.
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The grass is almost unstoppable.

Grass grows on Rome’s popular Piazza Navona square after a huge drop in the number of visitors in Rome, Italy, April 9, 2020.
REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane
Wild boars roam next to a residential building in Haifa, northern Israel April 16, 2020. Wild boars, some as bulky as Rottweilers and travelling in family packs, have been trotting through Haifa in increasing numbers. Their once-nocturnal visitations now take place throughout the day, as they root through refuse, spook domestic pets and even block roads.
REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Main street, Australia.

A kangaroo hops through empty streets during the lockdown restrictions in Adelaide, Australia, April 19, 2020.
South Australia Police/via REUTERS
A goose is seen at York central station after laying four eggs in York, Britain, May 5. REUTERS/Lee Smith
Newly hatched babies leatherback sea turtles make their way into the sea for the first time at a beach in Phanga Nga district, Thailand, March 27, 2020. Thailand has found the largest number of leatherback nests in two decades on beaches bereft of tourists, environmentalists say. The 11 turtle nests authorities have found since last November were the highest number in 20 years, said Kongkiat Kittiwatanawong, the director of the Phuket Marine Biological Center. “This is a very good sign for us because many areas for spawning have been destroyed by humans,” he told Reuters. No such nests had been found for the previous five years.
REUTERS/Mongkhonsawat Leungvorapan
A red fox checks a pizza box on a promenade in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, April 17, 2020. Red foxes have been making appearances in Ashkelon, drawn out from the seclusion of the desert dunes by the coronavirus lockdown that has kept people off the streets. The animals, usually a rare sight in busy urban areas, have a biblical resonance. In the Book of Lamentations, the Jewish temple site in Jerusalem is described as so desolate that “foxes prowl upon it.” In the Mediterranean seaport, a family of foxes has become a regular feature – nosing through discarded food, and playing sometimes unfriendly hide-and-seek with dogs in a local park.
REUTERS/ Amir Cohen
Goats are seen outside a church in Llandudno, Wales, Britain, March 31, 2020. A herd of Kashmir goats invaded the Welsh seaside resort after the coronavirus lockdown left the streets deserted.
REUTERS/Carl Recine

Some concerned people are making sure stray animals are being fed.

A monkey crosses the road near India’s Presidential Palace during a 14-hour long curfew in New Delhi, India,  March 22, 2020.
REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis
Fox cubs venture out from their den under a popular boardwalk alongside Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 22, 2020.
REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Nature does not take long.

Blossomed vegetation is seen in a public park in Khiam, Lebanon April 22, 2020. REUTERS/Aziz Taher
A man feeds deer in Harold Hill housing estate in Romford, Britain, April 3, 2020. REUTERS/Peter Cziborra

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