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Fire Snails – Very Rare And Under Threat

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Platymma tweediei is its full name, but Fire Snail as it is also known sounds way cooler. They are incredibly rare, found only in a 100km radius in an area in Malaysia, and they are under threat from humans.

Fire Snails – Very Rare, And Under Threat From Humans

They are highly sought after by exotic pet collectors, despite them being almost impossible to keep alive in captivity. Collectors go to extreme lengths to find and smuggle them, though they die when removed from their environment.

They have a distinctive black shell

Fire Snails live only in very cool and humid conditions. They need this to survive. For example, the humidity in the Malaysian town of Tanah Rata is 79%.

Another sad case of humans causing near extinction to a species.

It is reported habitat loss and wildlife trade threatens the survival of the montane cloud forest land snail in Cameron and Lojing Highlands, Peninsular Malaysia

Stunning, but under threat of extinction

It is the largest native land snail in Peninsular Malaysia. They can grow up to 7cm in diameter, and the bright red foot has earned it the name ‘Fire Snail’.

The Fire Snail is prized by “collectors” all over the world.

It is this because of this stunning combination that this rare snail has become very popular among snail collectors all around the world.

Please, leave them alone..

Unfortunately, its popularity may be one of the reasons why it is becoming extinct.

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