VIDEO & VISUAL & ARTICLE | Do you know what’s in a Vaccine?

VIDEO & VISUAL & ARTICLE | Do you know what’s in a Vaccine?

January 2, 2012 0 By Illuzone

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Vaccination : The Hidden Truth

Vaccination – The Hidden Truth (1998) is an eye opening documentary film featuring 15 people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, and parents’ experiences which reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, ironically the important facts presented here come from the orthodox medicine’s own peer-reviewed research, of which a total of well over 100,000 pages has been studied by those interviewed.

The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It shows that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that “It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people.”

Find out how vaccines are proven to be both useless and have harmful effects to your health and how they are often erroneously believed to be compulsory. Many people simply refuse to believe the truth regardless of how clear it is, but the impeccable documentation presented in this amazing video has changed the minds of many who have seen it. Please note that this video was very expensive to make and sales and donations support the freely provided Vaccination Information Service, which exists only for the benefit of you and your children (Visit their website and purchase the DVD here:

We are constantly being bombarded with misleading information in the media about health and medicine as a result of which the majority of our populace is sick and under nourished, easily susceptible to disease and illness as our immune systems have been weakened with the harmful intake of these so called medicines that are supposed to heal, cure and prevent disease as commonly believed ! It’s time we wake up and share the truth as we know it !

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By Marcia Angell, M.D.

10-Page Summary Exposes a Major Health Cover-up

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“When I was training, one in 2,500 [children were autistic]. Now it is one in 250. At the moment, the only logical explanation for this is MMR.” — Dr Kenneth Aitken, British specialist in the treatment of autism. (The Telegraph, United Kingdom, April 2, 2002)

“By the (U.S.) government’s own admission, there has been a 41% failure rate in persons who were previously vaccinated against the (measles) virus.” — Dr. Anthony Morris, John Chriss, BG Young, “Occurrence of Measles in Previously Vaccinated Individuals,” 1979; presented at a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology at Fort Detrick, Maryland, April 27, 1979.

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.” — Dr. J. Anthony Morris (formerly Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the US Federal Drug Admin.)

“Our results suggest that infants whose mothers are born since measles vaccine licensure in 1963 are significantly more susceptible to measles than are infants of older mothers and that the risk of measles increases incrementally with each year increase in the maternal year of birth.” — “Increased Susceptibility to Measles in Infants in the United States,” Pediatrics, Nov. 5, 1999.

The strong association between vaccination with RRV-TV and intussusception among otherwise healthy infants supports the existence of a causal relation. — Intussusception among infants given an oral rotavirus vaccine., Murphy TV, et al. Epidemiology and Surveillance Division, National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, N Engl J Med. 2001 Feb 22;344(8):564-72.

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“Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry …
The vaccinated children become customers for life !”

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