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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Our Picks!

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Every year the clever people at ComedyWildlife.com put together the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. We are so glad they do!

George Cathcart is highly commended for his shot of a shocked seal in San Simeon, California, (George Cathcart / Barcroft Images)

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are held every year!

Daisy Gilardini was also highly commended for her shot of a polar bear cub clambering up its mum’s butt in Manitoba, Canada (Daisy Gilardini / Barcroft Images)

There are countless hilarious submissions in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, see some of them below!

Bence Mate, was highly commended for this comedic shot of two bears having some nighttime fun in Harghita, Romania (Bence Mate / Barcroft Images)

In their fifth year, the organisers are big on conservation.

Andrea Zampatti won the On The Land category in 2017 with this precious snap in Italy (Picture: Andrea Zampatti / Barcroft Images)

There are so many amazing submissions.

John Threlfal snagged the Up In The Air category win on 2017 with this shot of a duck flying in front of a plane trail in Preston, UK (John Threlfal / Barcroft Images)

The organisers are big supporters of the Born Free organisation.

Bad hair day! From 2019

“By entering this competition it gives talented photographers a chance to do a little bit for conservation.

Chest bump! 2019 entrent

Conservation for them is their main goal. Some things are done best with humour!

Troy Mayne won the Under The Sea category for his fantastic photo of a sea turtle “bitch slapping” a passing fish in Bacong, Philippines (Troy Mayne /Barcroft Images)

Also, we want people to go to Born Free’s website and have a look at the work they do “

Not cool! From 2019

They include all kinds of incredible wildlife!

Jean-Jacques Alcalay was highly commended for his snap of a blue wildebeest appearing to ride a wave of hundreds of other wildebeest in Masai Mara, Kenya (Jean-Jacques Alcalay/ Barcroft Images)

Photographers everywhere submit comedy photographs.

Happy looking Owl – 2019 entry

Choosing a winner from thousands of entries can be hard!

Also 2019

2020 submissions are now being judged, we can’t wait for the results!

Penny Palmer was highly commended for her adorable snap of a happy sea otter in California, United States (Penny Palmer / Barcroft Images)

And our winner is!

And the winner is…
Tibor Kercz’s adorable photo of an owl scrambling to get back on the branch has been named the overall winner, as well as the portfolio winner in Opusztaszer, Hungary (Tibor Kercz / Barcroft Images)

Click through the gallery below for more, and let us know your favourites in the comments!

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