Saturday, December 03, 2022
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Top 12 Insects With The Most Incredible Camouflage And Mimicry

Camouflage and mimicry are a defense mechanism that help insects to blend in with their surroundings. Some insects often use cryptic coloration, and others have evolved an impressive array of biological mimicry and deception. They do it to conceal their presence and escape predators, or to deceive their prey. Researchers have long been fascinated with […]

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Manja, The Rare Melanistic Serval Cat Roams The Serengeti In Tanzania

Servals are wildcats that usually sport a cheetah-like coat with black spots, bands and stripes. But some dark-furred individuals can occur due to melanism, which is a unique trait carried by a recessive gene that causes excess production of the dark-colored pigment melanin in skin, feathers, and hair. Although serval cats are found in most […]

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Rare Baby Zebra Born With Polka Dots Instead Of Stripes In Kenya

Recognized by their distinct black-and-white stripes, zebras sport one of the most iconic coats of the animal kingdom. At the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, a newborn zebra foal was spotted with very unusual polka-dot markings, instead of the typical striped coat. In fact, this is the first time this particular pattern has ever […]

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The Waitomo Glowworm Caves – An Out Of This World Light Show Experience!

Hidden in deep caves on New Zealand’s North Island lies an enchanting world, wonderfully illuminated in the darkness. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are a famous tourist destination that attracts numerous visitors who are awestruck by the mesmerizing spectacle upon entering the underground grotto. Striking stalactites hang from the ceiling, appearing to drip like melted wax, […]

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The Axolotl – An Aquatic Salamander That Seems To Have A Perpetual Smile On Its Face

The Axolotl, (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl), is a fascinating creature, recognized by its very unique appearance, with button-like eyes and a seemingly perpetual grin plastered on its adorable face. Known by its scientific name, Ambystoma mexicanum, it is a paedomorphic salamander related to the tiger salamander. The Axolotl is commonly referred to as the Mexican Walking Fish […]

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 Finalists: From Monkey With ‘Blue Balls’ to Gossiping Raccoons.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a global photography competition founded in 2015 by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. It was established with the goal of promoting the conservation of wildlife and their environs through the use of positive and upbeat imagery. This year is no exception. The recently announced winners and finalist of the […]

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