Saturday, December 05, 2020
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Birds we love because of their sass!

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Birds are crazy, lovable pets. They undeniably have a personality, and some really seem to love humans and human contact! We at Illuzone and Our Earth love sharing them, so here is a collection of birds we love because they have a personality!

 “One day, I want to look at myself the same way that my bird looks at himself.”

© heckingtrash / reddit

Me: “I don’t want a new bird. They only bond to you and want nothing to do with me!”
New bird:

 “I’m not touching it… I’m not touching it…”

© scrpio007 / reddit

 “I live in constant fear.”

© Gallow***b / reddit

Nice and warm <3

© boopmonger / imgur

“I fed one duck! What have I done!”

© BrightenthatIdea / reddit

Nice to meet you!

@paddypower via twitter

“We found a baby parrot on the road a few days back. He wouldn’t look at us the first day and now he wants to cuddle every time he sleeps.”

© tanisharm / reddit

The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons

© sc_k / twitter

Baby parrots are the most unusual kind of adorable!

© thevernanator / reddit

Taken one second before the disaster…

 “This photo of a pelican trying to eat my phone”

© tinytoebeans0709 / reddit

“I have 4 feathered friends who come by my window every morning for breakfast.”

© ml09ja / reddit

“My dad sent me this selfie.”

 “I smell seeds.”

What the…

© bumann / reddit

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