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Intricate Paper Cutouts by Kirie Artist Akira Nagaya

Akira Nagaya, a self-taught Japenese Kirie (literally “cut paper” in Japanese) artist has spent the past 30 years of his life learning one of the most ancient and beautiful arts in the world. It requires patience, and brilliance, but most importantly… a willingness to endure years of paper cuts! But what he creates though is nothing short of the brilliance you’d expect from a true master.

When Akira first started as a sushi chef over 30 years ago, he first learned the art of delicate paper cutting through food preparation.

kirishi-nagaya-akira-4He would continue the art of using paper and a utility knife as he enjoyed the work.

kirishi-nagaya-akira-9Eventually increasing his skill to sheer mastery level.

kirishi-nagaya-akira-8Later, this 47 year old would eventually open his own restaurant and even decorate the walls with his creations.

kirishi-nagaya-akira-7It didn’t take long for others in the community to discover his work and spread it to the world.





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Amazingly enough, TV crews eventually showed up to learn about this amazing art and Akira’s work spread even further than he could ever imagine.  “That was the first time I even considered what I had been doing as art,” recalls Nagaya.

If you’d like to see more of Akira’s beautiful work, head over to his Facebook page.

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