45 Hilarious Animal Photos Captured At Just The Right Time

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Sometimes you wonder what is really going on in a scene involving an animal caught on camera bearing the funniest facial expression or in a compromising position. Though we may never know what exactly transpired, these scenes remain hilarious, and we are lucky enough to witness the photos that were taken at the perfect time. One thing we can do though is to let our imagination run wild and come up with some amusing scripts, just to add to the funniness of the situation.
So here they are, a list of some of the most hilarious animals photos found over the internet. Hope these give you a good belly laugh. Sit back and enjoy!

1. “By the powers bestowed upon me, I’m gonna create fire with my own bare hands!”

Credit: Mary McGowan / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2018

2. A ‘Branch Manager’ excitedly leading the way while the rest of the team happily follow behind.

3. When you’ve found the perfect place to hide your ‘treasure’.

Credit: Douglas Croft/CWPA/Barcroft Images

4. “And then he twisted his back all the way, just like that.”
“Stop! It’s hurting my neck just looking at you!”

Credit: George Cathcart/CWPA/Barcroft Images

5. It’s always nice to have caring friends around!
“Nah, I don’t see anything wrong. All good in there.”

Credit: Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

6. A common scene in the wild. Just a Rhino wearing a tutu!
(Perfect optical illusion though!)

Credit via Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

7. What happens when you take that turn too fast.
Also don’t drink and drive!

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8. This squirrel shows some serious skills here.
Eating away while striking a Jean-Claude Van Damme pose!

Credit via Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

9. When you’re chilling in your own natural pool and absolutely no one should dare disturb you.

10. This female Proboscis monkey is trying to impress her friends.
“Guys, check this out! I can run over water!”

11. Farm life. This cat has some true leadership skills
“Ok so, listen carefully everyone. Here’s the plan. At midnight, we will all gather quietly in this field and escape through the hole in the fence!”

12. Too much PDA! This scene took place in Salton Sea, California.
“Being the third wheel is not funny at all. I did not sign up for this!”

Credit: Melissa Usrey/CWPA/Barcroft Images

13. “What did you just say? They have run out of dog treats at the store??”

Credit: Connie Fore/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

14. Everybody needs their privacy. Even this cute puppy-face seal.
“Stop taking my photos! And besides, this is not my most flattering side.”

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15. That hard-to-reach itch that’s been bothering you all day. This lioness sure does know something about that!

16. A very wise-looking dog indeed!
“So, what do you think of my new spectacles? And those floppy ears? Do I not look more intelligent now?

17. One of the most amazing perfectly-timed photo.
This bear seems like he’s about to take off from the water.

Credit: Adam Parsons / Barcroft Images

18. Who didn’t like to do this as a kid?
It seems this ape is having an amazing time seeing the world upside down too.

19. This weird-looking dog named Elwood took part at the 18th World Ugliest Dog Competition.
But still, we think he’s cute in his own way though.

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

20. We are getting a strong SpongeBob vibe here. This Starfish knows how to take the time to just chill.

21. The stride of determination!
When you’re tiny but you trust in your own mightiness.

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22. Uninvited guests!
When the party is in full swing inside and you have got to see what kind of food is being served.

23. Friendly banter? Or maybe not.
“Move! I saw that spot first!”
“Oh yeah? I arrived here first!”

Credit: Thomas Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

24. Is this cute squirrel practising some new dance moves? Or maybe a yoga pose?
“One day, I’ll be tall enough and all the bird seeds will be mine!”

25. Access is restricted.
“Password please!”
“Woof woof woof… miaow?”

26. Baby Hippo is just being a tease!

27. That feeling when your favourite food item slips off your plate onto the floor.
This Pelican needs to brush up on its fishing skills though.

Credit: Nicolas de Vaulx / Barcroft Images

28. Panda just having fun and showing off its bum-bum.

Credit: Karl Drilling / Barcroft USA / Getty Images

29. How small birds fight.
“You are way too loud. Keep it down and I don’t want to hear one more chirp from you.”

30. “It’s actually easy to do a ‘handstand’. See? I do it all the time. Don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

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31. When you’ve spent 3 hours at the hair salon and then you step outside, and the windy weather blesses you with a natural blowdry hairstyle!

32. “I swear, I’m not hiding anything in my mouth. This is how my cheeks look all the time.”

Credit: Barb D’arpino / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

33. “When I said that I’m a Divinity and should be worshipped, I wasn’t lying. Now, human, kneel before me!”

34. Time for school.
When you pretended to be sick, but mom knows too well your trick and drags you to school.

Credit: Chee Kee Teo / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

35. Little monkey seems as if he has just won the lottery.

36. And then the lights went on and this was the scene…
“This is not what it seems, I swear!”
“I’m scared of thunder and needed a cuddle, that’s all.”

37. When the neighbours have just renovated their patio and you need to take a small quick peek.

38. Is this what turning a blind eye means? Like literally…

39. Getting slapped by your food! We know the feeling Mr Bear.
It’s the same when some of us slurp a spaghetti bolognaise and get hit in the face.

Credit: Rob Kroenert / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

40. “Is my lipstick ok? It’s not too bright? Come here, let me give you a kiss then.”

Credit: Karl Ammann

41. Snowball kicking. That’s some serious soccer skills there.

42. Jimi Hendrix has got nothing on this lizard showing off its amazing guitar playing talent.

Credit: Anup Deodhar / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

43. “Hehehe, and there I sneak out with all the goodies when no one’s looking!”

44. When you love your human so much and wish to look just like them. So you put on their dentures to have the same smile.

45. “Oh come on, that was hilarious!”
“Not one bit! I’m just so sick of your dad jokes.”

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